Safety & Security

We fully share the conviction that the future of companies is directly related to the quality of their products and services, to their respect for the environment and the health and safety of their employees. Albert Massaad ™ give the highest priority to the safety and health of all employees and its commitment to the environment. It is true that production and expenditures are very important for the proper functioning of the company, but these considerations should never take priority over safety, employees’ health, or environmental respect. We also believe that the issues of safety and health are an integral part of the company's managements functions and is compatible with all other functions. Proper management of safety and health will not adversely affect the business; on the contrary, it encouraged production and reduce costs. We will measure progress in achieving our objectives in relation to the criteria set up regularly. We will provide the training and resources necessary to achieve our safety and health criteria, and supervisors are held accountable for results. Managers should delegate responsibility for safety and health on time and effectively and continuously to help prevent accidents and safeguard the health of those under their supervision. Employees are given appropriate training and should comply with all prescribed procedures and practices. The safety and health will not be compromised. Each employee is responsible for his own safety and that of the environment in which he works. Whatever the importance of an activity or the urgency of planning, work will be done in compliance with safety rules and taking the time it takes for it. We are committed to offering our employees safety and health at work and to provide the resources through training programs, security in favor motivation programs, and occupational health programs for recognition in the exercise of their responsibilities. We consider the safety and health programs, both in the workplace and outside, as an investment in our most valuable resource - our employees.

That is why health and safety are integral parts of our product design process:

  • The Touch N Move Keypad facilitate the work of the user even with hands full.
  • Electronic systems are designed and adapted to specific user needs such as the disabled.
  • LogicPlus® is the designer of current monitor the MCMS motor (Motor Current Monitoring System)
  • Your documents stored are protected maximally by preventing access of unauthorized persons by locking the whole system. Access is possible through specific keys.
  • Perform periodic inspections of our facilities to help you meet the legal requirements to ensure the required safety throughout the duration of life of the equipment.
  • Albert MassaadTM is ready to apply the health and safety instructions on installation sites. This application is a normal continuity and attached to the process of designing and manufacturing the product.
  • Albert MassaadTM designs and manufactures products in compliance with ISO standards.